I Can Read System



At I Can Read, we are often asked if we have programmes for adults. Many parents of our students have English as a second language and would like to improve their spoken fluency as well as learn to read English. Sometimes we work one-on-one with an adult, because most adults are at different stages of their English language development. However, groups can be arranged and, depending on interest, I Can Read centres are looking to commence adult groups in 2021, as follows:

The Conversation Club

Centres may run morning 'coffee and conversation' sessions with topics as required, such as:

  • how to help your child’s literacy development at home;
  • how to master the language associated with shopping and general skills needed in public;
  • how to master social aspects of the language associated with interaction with others;
  • how to talk to your child’s school teacher.

Other topical issues may arise, depending on requirement of the group. Lessons will be conducted by native English speakers who have been trained in the I Can Read System, and will be designed to be informal and enjoyable.

Reading and Writing English

This programme may be presented to adults on a one-on-one basis or as a group. We find that adults learn to read quite easily because they are motivated and are conscientious about completing the required homework.

The course includes:

  • Learning the 44 sounds of the English language.
  • Associating the sounds of English with the letters that represent those sounds.
  • Using phonics to decode text.
  • Learning how to process sequences of sounds into a co-articulated word.
  • Reading simple words and progressing to more complex words.
  • Reading the I Can Read stories and progressing to more advanced text.
  • Basic grammar, spelling and comprehension.
  • How to write English sentences.

Lessons progress according to the requirements of the class and are intended to be informal and enjoyable. Our I Can Read teachers enjoy working with adults and will support each adult in his/her learning of English.