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Launched in 2021 and already hugely popular, Total Literacy is offering an Introduction to Shakespeare course for children who can read and who are in Years 5 and 6 at primary school or above. This programme is now available and will be presented during school holidays at selected centres. Enquire at headoffice@icanreadsystem.com or check with your nearest ICR centre.

William Shakespeare is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language, and the world's greatest dramatist of all time. Shakespeare’s plays deal with an amazing array of human conflicts and challenges, but the language of the 16th century can make his work difficult for many students to access and enjoy.

The programme, 'As You Like it' is one of a series of courses exploring the works of Shakespeare in a language easily accessible and enjoyable to all students, and we’d love your feedback to assess the potential demand. The series is entitled 'Shakespeare – his plays and why they are so great!'

Each course consists of 10 x 1 hour sessions, presenting one play for each course. Students participating in the Shakespearean modules will become familiar with the play, will learn to recite some of Shakespeare’s most famous speeches and examine some of the biggest human nature challenges that are featured throughout his works.

Any student familiar with the works of William Shakespeare will find they have a significant edge in English at school and will be well prepared for the Shakespeare modules that form part of the curriculum from year 7.

Click the link in the header to register your interest and enrich your child’s learning. Your child will surely thank you! Your expression of interest does not constitute any obligation. These programmes are only available to students who have completed the core ICR programmes and/or are fluent readers.

Our first Shakespearean course will be chosen from the following plays because they are well known and very exciting. Did you know… some of his plays turn up in current Hollywood movies under different names? Find out which ones they are.