I Can Read System



Designed for students of any age whose first language is not English, and who wish to improve their speaking, reading and writing skills in the English language, the Master of English Programme provides a complete and structured journey from little or no English language to fluency. The outcomes are confidence in expressive and receptive English and the ability to use the language in all contexts.

The Master of English Programme is a cumulative and structured programme, which assumes that an entry level participant will not be fluent in spoken English. The programme allows a participant to enter with no grasp of spoken English. Participants will obtain skills required in order to be able to read and comprehend English, learn how to express themselves in written and spoken English and master the complete range of skills commonly identified as literacy skills.

Entry level is determined by an assessment which identifies the skill level of the participant.

The first level is Master of English Elementary, which teaches the vocabulary required to learn how to read. The Elementary level provides the required foundation skills for literacy and is followed by the Master of English Beginner which incorporates the I Can Read® core programme. The programme concludes at the Master of English Intermediate level, which develops the student’s ability to apply all the skills required to be able to read, write, speak and comprehend the English language.

Along the way, the student will be exposed to comprehension, syntax, grammar, spelling conventions and all aspects of English which combine to produce fluency.

The Master of English programme is not currently available in Australia. It is our intention to make the programme available if our client base advises us that there is sufficient interest. If you would like to register your interest in this programme, please contact us.