I Can Read System



Students in primary school are increasingly being expected to be able to speak in front of the class. This is often done impromptu, which means the student may be asked to speak on a given topic without preparing the topic. This can be quite daunting for children, as well as for adults.

The I Can Read Public Speaking programme is designed to address the fear associated with speaking in front of others and being the centre of attention. Presented in small groups, students learn to trust each other, support each other’s progress, and enjoy their time in the limelight. Positive peer evaluation and reinforcement are part of this programme.

The Public Speaking Programme is designed to be a highly active approach to public speaking. It emphasise the ‘how’ of speaking and focuses

on practical approaches under a variety of circumstances and for a variety of purposes.

To modify the program, teachers may choose more complicated speech topics.


  • Improved communication skills to overcome the fear factor
  • Ability to prepare a number of speeches in quick succession
  • Improved ‘how to’ presentation skills
  • Ability to apply strategies to guide the speaking process
  • Confidence to improvise and deliver impromptu speeches
  • Understanding the art of persuasive speaking and writing

Lesson Sequence:

  1. Public Speaking Phobias
  2. Solid Foundations
  3. Structure of a Speech
  4. Script
  5. Notes and Memory Cues
  6. Speech Presentation Tips
  7. Perfecting the Speech
  8. Evaluation of Speeches
  9. Practise, Practise, Practise – Speech topics
  10. Extension Lesson: Markers of Speech

Supplementary worksheets are provided for students who wish to extend the lessons with further activities.