I Can Read System




Our core I Can Read® Programme takes the student through the following texts:

Volumes 1-5:

These workbooks systematically address the sounds of the language, progressing from simple to more complex sounds and spelling until all the sounds are read.

Extension Storybook:

This text reinforces the sounds and is a classroom aid which provides extra reading and comprehension for all sounds.

The Amazing Thought-Reading Machine:

This chapter book is presented as the student’s first novel and gradually reduces the student’s dependence upon the marked text read in Volumes 1-5. It is an essential text to progress to independent reading and embed newly acquired reading skills. It includes written comprehension questions for all chapters.

Volume 6:

This workbook presents

basic grammar, addresses

advanced spelling and

introduces creative writing.

Unmarked Storybooks:

These 20 volumes present

the stories from Volumes

1-5 without the diacritic

marks, so that the student

is reading unmarked text

and reinforcing all sounds.

The first few lessons of I Can Read will focus on revising phonemic awareness and phonics. Students will then

receive Volume 1 of the six workbooks. The programme

has a structured reading approach which introduces the beginning reader to a new sound each lesson, how to visually read and pronounce the sound when it is present in print and how to spell words containing the target sound. Pronunciation and comprehension significantly improve. During Volumes 1-5, comprehension is oral; from Volume 6 onwards, it is also written.

Children progress to the advanced section (ICR-A) of I Can Read from Volume 6 onwards, when the reading skills are reinforced and embedded and the student moves towards advanced spelling, grammar, punctuation and expression. It is essential that this section is completed so that the student can read text independently, has a good grasp of grammar conventions, has acquired sound spelling skills and an improved vocabulary and has an understanding of creative writing requirements.

Students usually attend one lesson per week. Reading and spelling homework is set weekly and, in the advanced section of the programme, written comprehension and grammar exercises. Children who complete the homework progress more quickly and easily than children who do not. On completion of all texts, it is expected that reading skills will be embedded into long term memory and the student will be an independent reader and a strong speller. If the student attends once a week, the entire programme should be completed within twelve months.


Parents choose I Can Read because it is the one stop system for all skills related to fluent reading and writing.

Taught by qualified teachers specialising in literacy, it is a proven system which has never had a failure!

Read just a few of our amazing success stories, and digest our research and reports.

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